Friday, March 27, 2009

BMW M3 Convertible - Awesome!!

The BMW M3 model family is being upgraded by yet another fascinating player: the new BMW M3 Convertible, which makes its North American debut today at the 2008 New York International Auto Show. The vehicle is the third body version of BMW's high-performance sports car following the coupe and sedan, offering new possibilities to experience uncompromising driving dynamics. Sharing its siblings high-revving 414-horsepower V8 and balanced chassis designed to be "faster than its engine," the motorsports arm of the German automaker, BMW M GmbH, will offer the most powerful, best performing series production M3 to the North American market.

Unleashing LCD TV

An LCD display consists of an array of liquid crystals that are placed between two glass plates with a source of light at the back. The electric charge applied to the crystals, results in the production of images. An LCD display consists of a flat panel that is made up of pixels filled with liquid crystals. Each pixel of an LCD display consists of a layer of molecules placed between two transparent electrodes and two polarizing filters. Before the application of electric field, the liquid crystal molecules are aligned in a particular direction. A variation in the voltage applied to the liquid crystal layer in each pixel, results in the production of different levels of gray. In color LCD displays, each pixel is divided into three subpixels of colors red, green and blue and the color elements are generated by subtracting colors from white light. As against the different-colored phosphors used in a plasma display, the cells in an LCD TV are colored by means of pigment filters, metal oxide filters and dye filters.

Unleashing Plasma TV

It is a flat panel display, which is commonly used for large television screens. Plasma displays are bright and have a low-luminance level in relation to an LCD screen. Its power consumption depends largely on the picture content whereby brighter pictures draw more power than the darker ones. A plasma television display consists of two plates of glass that hold thousands of small cells containing xenon and neon gases. Long electrodes are placed between the glass plates on both sides of the cells. The control circuits of a plasma television charge the electrodes to generate a potential difference. The voltage difference results in the ionization of gases, forming plasma. The collision of the gas ions while they move towards the electrodes, results in the emission of photons. Each pixel of a plasma display is made of three subpixel cells of red, blue and green colored phosphors. The intensity of each of the subpixel colors can be increased or decreased by varying the current flowing through them, thus creating different combinations of red, green and blue. This is why, plasma TV can produce most of the visible colors and give an enriched user experience.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Body Mass Index(BMI)

On the earliest stages of obesity (BMI is 25-35) a person usually does not feel much of physical discomfort and does not tend to connect possible ailments and diseases with extra weight. However, it is very important to realize possible dangers and risks, connected with weight gain, and start changing the life-style by doing regular exercises, using more of physical activities and eating a healthy diet.The following progressive stages of obesity (BMI is 35-40 ) can be characterized by certain problems with movements and mobility, possible pains in joints and muscles, breathlessness, increased heart rate, extra pressure on spine, sleep apnea and other health problems. On these stages, if no positive changes are made to the life-style and daily diet, the risks of having very serious health problems in the future increase greatly.Finally, on the latest stages of obesity (severe obesity, BMI is over 45) a person starts feeling strong psychological pressure and serious physiological changes, like changes of the body proportions, limited mobility, increased levels of blood sugar an cholesterol, and so on. A person on the latest stages of obesity requires immediate medical attention and using any type of effective treatment directed on weight reduction. Otherwise, the consequences can turn into life-threatening health conditions.

Obesity is dangerous

Overweight and obesity are among the most common health concerns in modern society, and many people fail to keep their weight under control. Obesity is connected with accumulation of fat in the body, that leads to increases of the body mass. Obesity is a result of spending less calories than it was received with the food consumed, and keeping positive energy balance in the body. In a great number of cases obesity is considered to be a serious health condition, which requires medical treatment directed on lowering the body mass.Specialists define certain stages of obesity. There are the early stages, when the body mass is about 30-50% greater than the ideal weight, and the latest stages of obesity, when the body mass is more than 80-100% greater than the ideal weight. It is possible to estimate how much overweight or obese a person is by using so called Body Mass Index (BMI).

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Interesting Tamil(Regional Language in TamilNadu-India) Stories

Pudumaipithan started the next stage of Tamil short stories and many other writers came out with brilliant stories in Tamil. Pudumaipithan, Ku.Pa. Ra and P.S.Ramaiya and their contemporaries have written many stories that is today popular format with the Tamil literary circles and readers as the short story format. Jayakanthan had written many outstanding stories some of which went on to be filmed later on. Most of his stories were published by Ananda Vikatan. While working in the office of ‘Janasakthi’ he developed a liking for Tamil literature and writing in Tamil. His stories were mostly about the people from the people living in the slums or extremely poor people.
Sujatha is the pen name of S.Rangarajan who has written over 100 Tamil novels and 250 short stories in Tamil. His style of writing earned him a wide readership. His science fiction is said to be a pioneering work in Tamil. He could unravel science in his own inimitable simple words that can be understood by all. ‘Aathma’ is a short story which is a thrilling narration of a day in a computer engineer’s life. Suri had made the computer the ability to predict the future giving it a set of rules that can observe the planetary positions. To test its efficacy he gives his birth details and the computer instantly gives the output on the screen. That turns out to be his death sentence, in a way. He was going to die that same night exactly at 23:11:59. So healthy and full of life, he could not believe it and does random checks in hurry. The story ends with the arrival of the inevitable moment. Sujatha’s stories were published in popular Tamil magazines like Kumudam, Ananda Vikatan and Kalki.

Neon Clocks for attraction!

Neon clocks are used by retail outlets to attract the attention of the customers. Some of the examples are a café house specializing in cappuccino may have a "cappuccino" picture in the neon clock, a car dealership selling porches may have a "Porches" picture blinking inside the clock. Nowadays Neon clocks are also used in homes. Children love to have their favorite characters inside the clock. You can hang these in children’s bedrooms, washrooms, kitchen or drawing rooms. You can also find pictures of those animated movies like Ice Age, Finding Nemo and Madagascar inside the clock. Neon clocks are becoming famous day by day. Nowadays these clocks are made according to customer’s specifications. Nowadays you can find pictures of famous brands inside Neon clocks. Some of the examples like coca cola, Jack Daniels Whiskey, Harley Davidson, NFL pictures etc. The prices depend on the size, quality and lettering. Small clocks are found in homes and offices and larger ones are found in public places like train station or church. You can find these clocks in many colors.

Website translation Unleashed Part-3

The website translation process encompasses two important tasks- a professional and grammatically corrects translation of the website content and a perfect adaptation of the web site navigation, graphics, optimization and other components. There are plenty of translation companies available to turn text from one language into another. Most of the translation companies are can do the website translation in to various languages including Spanish translation, German translation, Italian translation, French translation, Arabic translation, Russian translation, Polish translation and Swedish translation. Website translation can enable your business to market your product and service in affordable and innovative way.

Website translation Unleashed Part-2

Scientific researches have proved that there is a greater chance to make a purchase if the website addresses its customer in their mother tongue. So, here the need of website translation arises in this multilingual world. According to an estimate 400m people will join the online world by 2012. So, there will be huge market of people who can buy your products and services outside your country. And if the company offers its product and services in the customer’s native language with their cultural touchstones, it can boost its business. Website translation is a complex and arduous operation which requires skills, experience and professional knowledge in many areas. Website translation professionals should be qualified enough with profound knowledge and interest in language and literature.

Website translation Unleashed Part-1

The world is becoming ever more globalized. Over the past couple of decades, the markets for commodities, manufactured goods, services, labor, investment funds and even ideas are becoming more and more connected as people start sourcing globally. And due to the advent of technology such as the internet, IP telephony, satellite TV and mobile phones helped the people of world’s different cultures to come together to share their knowledge, skill and off-course do business. We all know that website serves as unique source of information about businesses. It attracts new visitors and customers and does company advertising, information support of partners and clients. Now most of the business enterprises have their website in English language or in the mother language. However, nearly fifty percent of the Internet users live outside the English-speaking countries.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Buying used car!

There are three kinds of payments that you have to consider when you buy a used car: the monthly payment, down payment, and the purchase price. In choosing a car, you'll have to consider these three to not make a mess of financing for your car each month. Consider how much you're willing to pay as down payment and if you can meet the monthly installments. Before you say yes to a deal, it's recommended that you study the chosen car's history again. Inquire about the repairs and improvements made on the used car. Take it for a test drive, too, and take a feel on how compatible the car is with you. Comfortability is part of what you should look for in a car. After testing it, and after considering its history and the price, you can go on with the negotiations and finally close the deal. Don't forget to go through the insurance process for your car. Dealerships usually have the finance and insurance process.You might not have the newest car on the block. But buying a used car gives you the knowledge that you've somehow made a great deal and have efficiently saved some money.

Useful photoshop TIP - 3

One of my favorite tools is the cloning tool. It is easy to use and allows me to take away blemishes or other elements in the picture that I wish were gone. The tool bar at the top allows you to adjust the size of the clone stamp, the percentage of the cover up, and the edge of the stamp. I suggest picking a clone stamp that has a blurry edge when working with faces and setting the percentage at about 50% so the edge of the clone isn’t a hard line. Try dragging the selected area to cover larger areas. Another trick I use can help change yellow or mis-colored teeth so they are white and beautiful. I use the lasso tool to outline the person’s teeth, go to control u, pick yellow in the drop down menu then adjust the saturation and lightness to give a beautiful smile. One last tool I use sparingly is the sharpen action under filters. I select the unsharp mask option so I can see the amount of change it will cause. It is important to use this tool carefully as it can make a picture look too pixilated and unnatural if adjusted too far.

Useful photoshop TIP - 2

Another excellent tool is the rotate canvas tool under the image heading. I pick the term that lets you set the amount of rotation and use it to take the tilt out of photos. Once you get the photo straightened out you can crop it to realign the photo correctly. Resizing is another action that I use on a regular basis. I use the crop tool symbol in the tools menu. It looks like a bisected square. I set the size in inches on the tool bar at the top of the screen and crop to the size I need.

Useful TIP No. 1 for Photoshop users

When adjusting color and contrast, the easiest option is to key control L which brings up the levels window. This pulls up a histogram and you have the ability to move the sliding arrows at the bottom to change how the photo looks.
You can change it for all colors at the same time or the drop down at the top lets you adjust each color separately. The right arrow controls the light colors, middle the mid tones and the left arrow the dark tones. If the histogram has a gap at either side, sliding the right or left arrow to meet the dark part of the histogram creates a balanced photo. This is a great tool for pictures that look too dark or too light.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Organise a perfect BIRTHDAY PARTY at home

Your six year old has just finished his birthday party and the planning for the next year party has already started. The most important day for a child is his Birthday. The reverse counting has already started and so have parents fears of undoing the whole house for the large group of the guests. The arrangements should be the best as the host is your little prince / princess. Is thinking of the party, especially in summers, giving you the goose bumps? Don't worry, here are some tips and tricks to make you look like an entertainment expert, without getting hot under your collar and hence giving your child the coolest party ever.Introduce all the little ones by their names to the other guests. It is better to listen than to talk in your own party. Ensure that everyone's glass is full and the snacks are equally distributed, as children may hesitate to take a second helping. As children like to talk less and play more so be sure to arrange a few games for them. Detail some responsible person to make them enjoy, like an elder child. The food should be arranged while the outdoor activities are in progress. In the end I would say that let your children enjoy the party in full swing and the parents should treat them this time without either of the twin burdens of sweat and stress.

Water games for kids in your home

Surfing is also a great outdoor sport during a sunny day or during summers. Swimming is the most favorite sport for many children and as well as for adults, it doesn't matter if you swim in a lake, ocean, river, pool or with any competitive swimmers or friends; swimming is always enjoyable. Water sports should always be carried out, when the climate is pleasant. If the climate is sunny, do apply sun screen cream to protect yourself from radiations. Surfing is an excellent exercise and a superb family sport. But make sure the water is clean. If you are a beginner or a learner, then stay away from the depth. Wear goggles, ear plugs and a swim cap while swimming and you need to avoid swimming after heavy food. Apart from these water sports, you can even play water basketball and volleyball which is even more fun and exciting.

Please avoid Junk food

Junk food appeals to both youthful children and adults because they are simple to get ready and tasty. These products are also extremely promoted throughout advertisement. A study by the Liverpool University reveals that kids who eagerly go behind junk food TV commercials will approximately double the amount of unhealthful snacks and sweets they consume. Supermarkets shelves are stocked to the hilt through junk food, you can not close the eyes to them even if you desire to. Junk food substance, similar to hamburgers, pizzas and fried chicken contain saturated fats. People who snack on high-fat and sugary junk food put on weight and continued consumption may even outcome in fatness. Fatness leads to quite a lot of heart problems and other diseases. Cakes, soft drinks and lollies hold insane amounts of sugar, which leads to hurt teeth and rise in body weight. Meal substitutes Make sure that you be familiar with junk food items for what they are and stay away from consuming them as much as you can. All food substance has an assortment of ingredients, which are typically listed on the package. contains super food ingredients such as Barley grass powder, Wheat grass powder, Acai berry, chlorella and more. So, put back greasy burgers and aerated drinks with this wonderful food combine.

Protect your WINE from spoiling

Wine has a different taste with the distinct taste from each other. Those who are not regular drinkers of wine require some kind of help to find out whether the wine is fine or is it spoilt or it is a wine which they do not like. The main reason as to why the wines get spoiled is because of improper storage, excessive heat and inadequate re-corking can easily make the wine to become bad. But all these things can be prevented. It is always important to remember that the wine can easily be spoilt in excessive heat, remember to store your wine in a dark, cool place at a temperature between 41 – 59 degrees Fahrenheit. The best place where you can store your wine is a pantry or in a basement.
Refrigeration: Once you refrigerate the wines the rate of growth of the bacteria becomes slow.

Vacuuming: This method involves the utilization of a sucker tube that takes off the entire vacuum from the bottle; the instrument used is as simple as a rubber bung and a pump. But it is important to note that this method seems to render a dull and lifeless wine in flavor.

Night vision binoculars - OWL EYE!!

Binoculars for bird watching are classified into two: the first giving us the magnification and the second, the diameter of the lens. It is a good idea to keep the magnification of bird binoculars fairly low, usually around 8 times, in order to lessen the impact of natural hand shake, and to keep the field of vision sizable. A larger diameter gives a clearer image because it traps more light, and it also widens your field of view. The most popular are 40mm and 42mm, because any larger can make bird binoculars heavy and hard to use. Many novice bird watchers make the mistake of buying binoculars with a high magnification thinking that the greater power will enable them to see birds more clearly. However, although the birds will appear closer and larger, as magnification increases your field of view decreases and slight movements made by an unsteady hand or a gust of wind are greatly exaggerated. Do not choose zoom binoculars for bird watching - they do not give as good an image and are more likely to develop faults.

Learn to maintain your DIAMOND ornaments.

Avoid wearing diamond jewelry while doing heavy household work. Though diamond is the hardest gemstone, yet it can be loosened by a certain activity and can also be chipped by a hard blow.Try to store your diamond jewelry in dedicated jewel boxes wrapped in clean cotton or soft fabric clothes.Never let your diamonds come in contact with chlorine bleach or other chemicals as these can pit or discolor the mountings.It is a good practice to get your diamond jewelry professionally cleaned and checked for loose prongs for added safety of your precious gemstones. Soak your diamond jewelry in some mild soap solution for half an hour avoiding contacts with each other as a diamond can scratch another diamond. Brush off dirt particles stuck in corners and wires with a soft brush.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bridal dress color selection

Marriage is of course the most vital part of everyones life. Choose your bridal collections based on the following tips

Blue – usually appropriate and used for outdoor weddings because the sky and sometimes water is used as vital elements in the setting of the wedding.

Yellow – color used by most brides married in summer. A range of yellows in bridesmaid’s dresses are chosen to contrast the shade of the Brooklyn bridal gown.

Green – this color is good with other colors or may be used alone. Using an array of different shades of green gives you a foundation of a very beautiful color theme.

Purple – regal and elegant looking when used for bridesmaids’ dresses. Lighter shades of purple may also be used as wedding décor.

Black – connotes ultimate sophistication when it comes to bridesmaids’ dresses. Sparkles may be added if so desired by the bride or have it as simple but as elegant as possible. To enhance the sophisticated look, all white flowers may be chosen with gold or silver for other decorations and table setting.

Benefits of Aloe vera

I had always assumed that the benefit of aloe vera only held for external application. Usually, things that are good to rub on your body are not good to eat. However, the benefits of aloe juice are supposed to be extremely substantial. Although it kind of tastes nasty, many people drink aloe vera juice for its vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutritional components. I know many people who swear by it and practical people who usually don't go in for a fad. Apparently, it really works. It is supposed to decrease the duration of many illnesses and increase nutrition in the body. The benefits of aloe vera are supposed to be helpful for hair care, skin anti aging products, beauty products, and even immune system support products. Nonetheless, it is hard to tell if the benefits of aloe vera are lost when it is put in a gel or other preparation. I was always told to use the plant fresh. My mom never told me about the benefits of aloe gel, and I really don't know how well it works once it is processed.

Nokia N series mobile phones

In today’s fast moving world mostly people are solitude. They want companionship. Nokia has perfectly realized it and mould the technology in such a way that now it has been proved the best friend of human being. Here we can say that technology speaks, to suggest, to entertain and to guide you.Nokia N-series has advanced quality camera, music player and perfect browser. Whenever you wish you can catch the moment and replay it. Whenever you are feeling ennui, you can be busy with the game uploaded in Nokia N-series. So always be happy and tension free that is a key need of current generation and Nokia N-series is fulfilling it with its wide range of mobile phones. Some of these phones are Nokia N95, Nokia N75, Nokia N90, Nokia N73i, Nokia N76, Nokia N92 and many more. All these gadgets are available with the entire leading network provider in the UK. These entire phones are available with the entire tariff plans in the UK.

Self confidence

It is self confidence that allows to be who we are, to express that and share it with others. We are able to give our very best in service to others and the world. Every person should be able to live and achieve at least one of her dreams. Only then will her life have left its mark on the world. Lack of self confidence is a debilitating condition that robs a person of her full potential. So many people live without realising their dreams. At the core of self confidence is your self worth. Self worth is an outward expression of your own inner life, your habitual thoughts and your memories. Your memories drive your thinking and action because memories are records of your experiences in life, a direct connection with your emotions and sub-conscious. Perhaps it was what your parents said or did to embarass, or the unkind words of your peers or teachers when you were young and impressionable. Make a decision to change right now and commit to it! You are preventing yourself from achieving your dreams or the greatness you are destined for. Remember this is your life, and you owe it to yourself. You need to find a way to turn your habitual self-deprecating thinking patterns into positive elevating ones.

Become a business magnate in fading economy

Fading economy has made thousands of people to lose their jobs! But there are few who could survive this tough times by thinking differently. One of my friend invested in Sathyam shares(1000 shares) when the rate of the share was Rs.1350. As the company plunged we thought he could not get anything out of what he invested.

what he did was, he bought another 1000 shares when the rate of each share was Rs.6. Later when the rate of the share reached a decent level(Rs.70) he sold all the shares.. Therefore his lose had got reduced and in similar manner i have seen many people who could turn darker side of life to their advantage and prove that they are capable of surviving any difficult situation.

Fantastic carrer options in game testing field

The video game industry has exploding and in 2008 was worth $50 BILLION. The challenge of creating new and exciting products to meet this demand has also created a new type of job being a computer game tester. Computer game testers uncover bugs that would frustrate users and hurt sales. They also provide valuable input as to what might make the game more fun or challenging. For anyone seriously interesting in this industry, it's simple to acquire a firsthand testing background and form a game tester career. You can locate the names of companies with openings in the guide. If you need to work around your school schedule or other jobs, this part time job can be great.

Body building tips

Everyone have dream to have 6 pack structure in their abdomen. Some people even take a pad of paper with them when they work out so they can write exactly what they do. As a result, the next time you work out you will know exactly what you did the last time. It is important that you keep a positive attitude about your training sessions. Many people dread going to the gym because of the physical toughness that it takes. When you go to the gym you should think about how great you are going to feel after you go. You could even think about how great your body is going to look in a few short weeks.In any successful muscle building program you must keep track of the exercises you do. This way you can increase the number of repetitions that you do and also the amount of weight you lift during each repetition. You must rest at least every other day when starting a weight training program. Working less in some situations can help you build more muscle than if you work more.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Your complete legal solutions provider!

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