Sunday, April 12, 2009

Explore Adobe Photodeluxe

Adobe Photodeluxe is a popular and handy photo-editing program. The features on this software are easy to use, and can build amazing pictures and graphics for both personal photo and website design.Adobe has a wide range of products. Adobe Photodeluxe is my personal favorite. It is great for a beginner with easy to use selections and a great help section. The best way to learn how to use Adobe Photodeluxe is to mess around with the controls to see what you can come up with on your own. You can turn your photos into chalk drawings, black and white portraits, or get really creative with colors and textures.Adobe Photodeluxe can be used to downsize large amounts of photos from your digital camera. I often resize ten a time, but newer computers might handle more. The amount of memory on your computer will determine how many you can do in one shot, but I find it to be the easiest way to do it for my needs. You can choose photo size and/or pixel size.Adobe Photodeluxe also allows you to turn your photos into any file type you might need. There are settings for jpeg and bmp, which are by far the most common types used on the Internet. There are also settings for flash and other more complicated settings needed for web design.One of my favorite features of Adobe Photodeluxe is the erase feature. This allows you to remove unwanted backgrounds from pictures and replace them with anything you would like to have there. You can also make all kinds of silly photos buy cutting pieces from different photos to create a collage.You can also use Adobe Photodeluxe to repair photos. While the feature for repairing scratched or old photos is not perfect, you can see an improvement. You can also use this software to lighten or darken the brightness and contrast of a photo. Photos you thought were too dark to keep can suddenly be useful.

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